Church appoints new Procurator

A new Procurator has been appointed by the Scottish Episcopal Church, with immediate effect.

Paul Reid KC takes on the position following the resignation of his predecessor Alan McLean KC.

In November last year, the Preliminary Proceedings Committee of the SEC concluded its investigation into complaints lodged under Canon 54 regarding Bishop Anne Dyer. Those complaints which the PPC decided require further consideration were referred to the Church’s internal procurator as the next stage of the canonical process.

The role of the Church’s procurator is to decide whether to take the referred complaints to a hearing before the Clergy Disciplinary Tribunal.

As a result of issues which emerged during his initial consideration of papers sent to him by the PPC, Mr McLean decided to resign in order to allow the appointment of a replacement who has no pre-existing connection of any nature to any of the parties or witnesses potentially involved, so as to avoid any suggestion that the process was not being conducted in an independent and impartial manner.

The appointment of Mr Reid was made by the Provincial Standing Committee, in consultation with the College of Bishops.

No further comment will be made on the on-going Canon 54 process at this stage.

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