Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway announces retirement

The Right Rev Kevin Pearson has announced today that he will retire as Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway on 31 August this year.

Bishop Kevin became the 15th Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway in July 2020 upon his translation from the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles.

Announcing his retirement to the Glasgow & Galloway Diocesan Synod today, Bishop Kevin said: 

“It has been a joy and a privilege to serve God through the Scottish Episcopal Church.  I believe that our Scottish Episcopal Church has something very special to offer Scotland.  Our motto is more relevant today than ever – Evangelical Truth, the search for God through scripture and thought.  Apostolic Order – the experience of God through liturgy and worship, making God’s presence real.  All of which leads to our congregations being able to say together – here we have an experience of the living God. This is our message of hope and promise.”

Bishop Kevin previously served as Bishop of Argyll & The Isles from February 2011 and before that was Rector of St Michael & All Saints Church in Edinburgh and Dean of the Diocese of Edinburgh.  Bishop Kevin has spent many years of his ministry involved in the selection and training of clergy in the Scottish Episcopal Church.  He created and established the role of Provincial Director of Ordinands.  He served as Provincial Director of Ordinands prior to his election as Bishop and was responsible in that role for the Scottish Episcopal Church’s discernment and selection processes for candidates for the ordained ministry.  He convened the Group responsible for the review of theological training and formation which led to the creation of the Scottish Episcopal Institute. He was appointed as the first Convener of the Council of the Institute (responsible for the training of those entering authorised ministry).  Throughout his ministry he served on various boards and committees including the provincial Standing Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

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